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About Us

A Few Words About QuickFood

QuickFood, one of today’s most renowned fast food restaurants, was established in 2013, as a quiet place where anyone could eat a burger or have a pizza that they loved. Our dedication to customers and quality food helps us to reach more today.


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Our Story


It all started from a single idea. We wanted to create a restaurant that would offer its customers their favorite fast food dishes - burgers, pizzas, and more.


After making necessary preparations, completing our staff with experienced chefs and waiters, we were ready to meet new guests and visitors.


We are devoted to our customers and to buisness of our life - offering fast food dishes. And that’s why today we’re recognized as #1 Fast Food Chain in US.

Our Partners

We are glad to offer our visitors high-quality burgers and pizzas, but we also believe our whole business couldn’t be successful without our partners.

Meet Our Team

QuickFood’s team is what makes marks us out from other fast food restaurants. Everyone of us,
from founders to waiters, is a part of a friendly family, who always welcomes new members!

Amanda Stark


Edward Robinson

Head Chef

Rebecca Ives

Marketing Expert